Courses & Curriculum

Merced College, Merced, CA

CLDV 01: Child Development

CLDV 03: Introduction to Early Childhood Education

CLDV 04: Observation & Assessment

CLDV 09: Human Development

CLDV 40s: Supervised Field Experience

CLDV 53: Health & Safety of Young Children

CLDV 56: School-Age Development

CLDV 56L: School-Age Development Lab

CLDV 57: Child Abuse & Neglect

CLDV 70AA: Adolescent Development through Contemporary Film

CLDV 70BK: Learning Together with Young Children

Yosemite Regional Occupation Program (ROP), Modesto, CA

ROP Elementary Education

ROP Early Childhood Education

Johansen High School, Modesto, CA

Child Development

Marriage and Family

Fashion, Textiles, and Apparel

Interior Design

Creative Living

Foods & Nutrition

Exploratory Core

San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA

FCS 21: Child Development

FCS 31A Theory: Working With Children

FCS 31B Theory: Early Cognitive Learning

FCS 33: Infant and Toddler Caregiving

Modesto Junior College, Modesto, CA

CLDDV 103: Child Growth and Development

Patterson High School, Patterson, CA

Home Economics 1 & 2

Family Living

Child Development

Career Connections