10 Reasons Parents Say “No”

gelly-cartoon-balloon-4-1163596 [freeimages.com]Do you know the average child hears 432 negative comments or words per day versus 32 positive ones?

On March 22 I’m speaking to Ripon MOPS on Positive Parenting. I’d truly appreciate some help from parents. What’s the most common reason you say “no” to your children? Is it one of the 10 reasons listed below? I’d love to have some “real” comments for the Moms, many of who are in the toddler “no” season of life

  1. The reflexive It is easy to say, requires no thought 2
  2. I can’t handle all my kids’ requests 3
  3. I’m frustrated with my child’s behavior 5
  4. I’m in a bad mood about something else 4
  5. I don’t feel good or I’m too tired
  6. I’m not ready to deal with child’s request 4
  7. When my child’s fun turns into “out-of-control” 5
  8. I don’t have enough money for what my child wants 2
  9. I know what I want and don’t want for my kids 4
  10. My child is in imminent danger to self, others, property 5



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