Day 9 Asheville Adventures: Conference Beginnings


I get up earlier today for the final Writing with Children workshop with Nancy Lohr, Acquisitions Editor of journeyforth. I actually arrive on time. Nancy’s an amazing person and teacher.

Afterwards, I drag my luggage to the shuttle area. The Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference is over.

I expect few conferees will stay for lunch, but the cafeteria is filled with chatter. I choose a quiet table with two ladies. After a few minutes, we add to the chatter. The conference is not over. Some people may call it coincidence, but I believe God arranged for me to sit at this table.

“What do you write,” I ask. Her answer surprises me.

I write about sustainability and Christianity,” replies Ros.

I’m immediately engaged. “That’s amazing. . . I’m writing about nature and children. I never thought about including sustainability for kids. Maybe I could interview you for an article.”

A forty-five minute conversation ensues with countless resources and ideas. We connect on some unusual “Christian” topics. I learn there’s a Poverty and Justice Bible. Homelessness and restorative justice are two more of my passions.

But the highlights of our time together are her references to early childhood guidelines and six components of environmental literacy. The first component is reverence; sensitivity to nature. Sounds like God’s amazing creation . . . my topic.

Two former college professors chat away about sustainability curriculum and content. The conference isn’t over, it’s just beginning.


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