Let’s Play Ball

“It’s recess. Let’s play ball,” says a fourth-grade student at a low socio-economic elementary school.

“Oh, no. We can’t,” her friend Mia responds. “There’s only one soccer ball and a few four-square bouncy balls, but they’re already being used by other kids.”

Margarita suggests, “Maybe we could jump rope.”

“Not today,” a third grader replies. The fourth graders are already using the jump ropes we have.”

Not deterred Margarita says, “We could hula hoop,”

Mia says, “There’s not enough of those either.” Disappointed once again, the girls roam the playground aimlessly until the bell rings.

While these girls didn’t find trouble, elementary children will often create trouble when there’s nothing to do.

Can you help these students? Would you consider donating a four-square rubber ball? Perhaps you have a jump rope, hula hoops, soccer balls or frisbees laying around that your kids don’t use anymore.

I’m the Restorative Practices Trainer & Consultant who’s worked with this elementary school for five years. I’m praying that you are willing to donate new and /or used play equipment that these students can use them before school, during the morning recess, after lunch and during the afternoon recess. The school’s yard duty staff are requesting the following items:

  • Rubber playground balls (approximately 8 ½ inches)
  • Jump ropes (7 feet long, 8 feet long and 14-foot Double Dutch ropes (usually sold in pairs)
  • Hula hoops (30” or 36”)
  • Soccer balls (size 1 – skills ball, size 3 – junior for 8 & under, and size 4 youth for 8-12 years)
  • Frisbees

If you have items to donate, please drop them by the Youth for Christ office in Modesto at 1101 M Street, Suite 1, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Thanks in advance for your help. For questions email me at [email protected].


Image: soccerball [en.wikipedia.org]

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