Request & Prayer at the Library

I’m scanning the community event posters at the public library, especially the Christmas events. I hear a tentative voice, “Excuse me.” I step away from the copy machine expecting to find someone waiting to make copies.

“Can you help me?” a middle aged woman asks.

“What kind of help do you need?”

“I need some Christmas help. I’ve been off drugs for four months. I want my daughter to have a Christmas. She deserves it.”

During our conversation she reveals her struggles with drug addiction all the while neglecting her teenage daughter. At 18, her daughter’s the mother of a two-year-old girl and one-month-old boy. She cries several times sharing her story. I give her a couple of contacts and explain that if she emails me or texts me her information I’ll try and find her some help.

Sensing the conversation coming to a close, I’m prompted to ask, “Would you mind if I prayed with you?”

Tears fill her eyes. She nods her head and bows with me. Still near the copy machine, I pray. She cries more when I add, “Lord, help her to forgive herself.” She hugs me like a long-lost friend.

Many of my divine encounters seem to end when I walk away. But this one doesn’t. I hear from her later that day.

If you can help provide clothes (size 2T girls & 3-6 month boys), toys, or groceries for this young family, please message me or email me at [email protected]. I’ve already gathered a few clothing items for the little ones. If you know of a church or organization in the Modesto area that still needs families for a food basket, let me know.


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